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  • Is there a moodle mobile app to connect moodle to mobile/smart phones?

    Yes, it is available on Play Store and Apple Store. Following are the steps:
    1. Download mobile app from Google Play (Moodle, not Moodle Classic)
    2. Once downloaded onto your smartphone, enter fccu Moodle's url: tmoodle.fccollege.edu.pk/moodle
    3. Enter your user name and password
    Click here for detailed guide

  • What is my user name and password for FCCU moodle?

    Your user name on moodle is same as on empower. If you are accessing moodle for first time your password will be same as username. However, the system would request you to change the password before proceeding further.

  • I have forgotten my password; how can I retrieve it?

    On the login screen there is a hyperlinked text saying: Forgotten your username or password?”. Click on the link and you will be redirected to a new page. Once you provide your user name (roll number) OR your email ID (FCCU’s official email id) and click Search. An email will be sent to your FCCU’s official ID with a link to follow. On clicking the link you will have the ability to reset your password.

    If the above process does not work send your query to its.moodle.help@fccollege.edu.pk.

  • What is the limit for file size while uploading assignments to moodle?

    The file size allowed is set to 40MB per upload.

  • Some of the housekeeping items to avoid connectivity issues?

    - While selecting an Internet connection please check with the Internet server provider regarding the reception of Internet in your area. You can do this by contacting the helpline of the Internet service provider.

    - Please ensure that your Internet connection is consistent.
    - You can check status of your Internet in the following ways:
    1. On lower right corner of your desktop PC or Laptop you can see the Internet connection icon. Right click on it and select 'Open Network and Sharing Center' Then click on the connection that may be Ethernet if you are connected through wired connection or Wifi if the connectivity is wireless. You will be able to check speed, connection status, sent and received bytes (downloading and uploading)
    2. If you are using gadget like smart phone or tablet you can check the WiFi bars appearing on the top. 3 to 5 bars indicate decent connectivity with your device.
    3. If you are using WiFi you can check the speed by clicking on settings (in the form of gear cog) next to the connection that you are using.
    4. If you are connected through mobile data please check the status of the connection on top of the device. Mobile data may show one of the following statuses:
    a. 4G --- the best quality
    b. H+ --- High speed access but not as good as 4G
    c. H --- High speed access but not as good as H+
    d. 3G --- Maximum download limit 384 Kbits/sec and maximum uploading limit 128 Kbits/sec
    e. E --- Maximum download limit 217.6 Kbits/sec and maximum uploading limit 108.8 Kbits/sec

    Note: The internet statuses 4G and H+ are recommended for usage.

    - Moodle App downloaded from IStore or Google Play Store is good for accessing content but for assignments and quizzes it is recommended to use FCCU Moodle via browser (Chrome or Firefox).
    - You can check your Internet service quality by using free services of Ookla. Connection result with downloading and uploading greater than 1.5 MBs should be good enough. However, please note during the test if the line graph suddenly drops to nil, it means that there is a network lag and will cause issues during attempting quizzes or submitting assignments. The test may indicate average download/upload speed greater than 1.5MBs, however, the network lag can create the problem.
    - For optimal browser performance please ensure to clear cache, especially 3-4 hours before attempting the quiz on Moodle.
    - While attempting quizzes it is better to login with one instance. Do not login to multiple devices at once.
    - During attempting quizzes please ensure that rest of the family members do not perform large downloading activities or video streaming as it can limit bandwidth required for quiz activity on Moodle
    - If possible please have a back up connection (e.g. mobile 4G hot-spot setup)